Hubert Freidl and Marko Sedovnik: Connecting shopping worlds with the Cashback App

With the new Cashback App, available from Google Play and in the App Store, the world's entire shopping community is available to Cashback Members any time, any place. Thanks to the location-based search feature, you can quickly find Loyalty Merchants in the local area, and with the in-App Cashback Card feature, it's easy to take advantage of the shopping benefits any time. Online Shops, Shopping Point Deals and current offers are all included in the App, giving shopaholics everything they desire.

Connecting shopping worlds

"It's essential that we always have our finger on the pulse, and that we keep up to date with the latest technology and use it“, says Hubert Freidl, the founder of myWorld. From his point of view, the App is more than just a means to round-off the shopping opportunities. He sees it as the next step in shopping development. "Connecting all the shopping worlds together; high street stores meet online stores; with just one card, which is also available on a smartphone. This is a combination of technical innovations, connecting offline and online businesses, and tailored to suit the consumer's needs" adds Mr. Freidl.

Cashback App as the logical next step

The fact that the Cashback Card bridges the gap between Cashback Card Loyalty Merchants and Online Loyalty Merchants is also particularly important for Marko Sedovnik. "Online shopping popularity has increased dramatically over the last few years, but it still doesn't replace the classic shopping experience of shopping direct in a store. The Cashback App combines these two types of shopping in a way that makes sense. I'm very happy that the Cashback Card holds great appeal for small and local companies, and that this results in our Members being able to find an ever-increasing number of shopping opportunities in their local area.“
Hubert Freidl

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