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Two Hearts Photography was founded by our Senior Photographer, Anemi Fourie.

A Passionate and brilliant photographer truly blessed to appreciate making memories of timeless treasures that remain ever vivid through the eyes of a mother.

Describe her in one word: Talented

With more than 6 years of business management and great marketing skills experience across multiple business sectors; she makes it her goal to exceed any expectations no matter what is expected. Not only can she take a breath-taking photo, she strikes a home run every time when it comes to social media marketing, website designing and finding anything you need.
What she has to say:

"Thank you for the complement but giving me so much credit feels a lot like blowing my own trumpet. I prefer to stay behind the lens, instead of taking all the attention."

Why Photography?
“I love good photography. Living in the past or holding on can have its affects, but memories can never be erased. There is no reason not to share life changing experiences when it can make a difference or help someone else. In a world where we are overrun by negativity, you can't expect positive results when you surround yourself with negativity. I choose to capture beautiful memories to remind myself that life is too short not to appreciate."

Does Two Hearts Photography have a specific meaning?
"I actually thought a lot about this. Some of the best memories I have started when two hearts became one and from one life a new was born; my parents getting married, me finding the one person that I can trust with my life and being blessed by becoming the mother of a beautiful baby girl. Experiencing this has allowed me to see the world through the eyes of a mother and to me nothing means more than these timeless treasures."

What Photography do you do?
"I prefer wedding and lifestyle photography, sharing special moments from promised vows to new born photo shoots and portraits. My favourite is the new popular milk bath or cake smash photo shoots, but I can do private and corporate events or product photography. My photography style is mostly High-key, happy, vivid, alive and natural photos."

How do you find that one perfect shot?
"Yes, it might spoil a mood when you just jump into a special moment with a camera in your face, but I see it differently. 
I prefer to use natural light, instead of a flash.
I admire spur of the moment shots.
Timing is everything.
I don't just edit. When you had an epic fail on your wedding day this is what makes people remember and have a laugh. Even something as small as a scar or wrinkle is was makes you unique. I always tell my clients that wrinkle is tells your story, be proud of it."

How do you decide what to charge for your photography?
"Many people get a shock when they ask a quote from a photographer. I think the main reason for this is because they only see you for a few hours, you make it look easy and then all they do is waiting for their photos to arrive. Not many of these my clients know how much work goes into good photography. It’s not something that can be whipped up in 30minutes. Sometimes I take at least 2000 photos just to get that one perfect shot that says it all. From thousands of photos all of them must be very carefully scanned, edited if needed or framed to be the ideal size for printing. Sometimes it may take up to 6 hours of work behind the scenes just to save 20 good photographs. I don't just photo shop it all to make it look brilliant. I prefer to let that timeless treasure remain ever vivid by itself."

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