Stephen van Basten

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                      Speaker | Author | Coach | Universalist Minister

Conference and Event Speaker
Non-Denominational, Inter-Faith Minister for weddings, funerals, baptisms and vow renewals.

Stephen is respected by many as a Philosopher, Life Coach, Human Behavior Specialist, Teacher and Expert on Relationships, Life Skills, concepts of Life & Death and the Meaning of Life. Stephen works in the Gauteng and Pretoria area.
I wake up every morning and wonder what this is all about. I wonder about the meaning of life. I wonder about human behaviour and human relations. I wonder how to keep my head above water and how to keep my family together. I wonder how best to keep my wife fulfilled and how to optimize my daughter's childhood experience. I wonder how I can improve my lot in life. Mine and others.I spent my early life trying to escape. Trying to liberate myself from poverty. From societal and religious programming. From the strange family that I was born into. The family that did not appreciate me speaking up and challenging the status quo. I lost myself in words. The words in books, movies and enlightened teachers. The stories were usually about people and their families. Their life experiences, trials and tribulations. I lived all of those stories vicariously. I have since spent hours and hours contemplating the eternal questions. I have spent day after day with the best minds on earth (past and present), the best teachers, karate masters, spiritual gurus, human behaviour specialists, business coaches, books, CDs and DvDs. Learning, testing, tweaking and sharing. I have spent my entire life trying to rise above my past. Above my conditioning. Trying to become more. To BE moreBecause of that, I now live an inspired life. My wife loves me - and I love her more today than the day we got married - 23 years ago. Our daughter fully appreciates us and we have given her more than our parents were able to give us. We live in a beautiful home, earn a great living and enjoy a lifestyle filled with adventure, travel, entertainment and fine food.

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