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The year 2020 finally is in the rear view mirror and we probably all hope that 2021 will get better. Many of us do not only hope for change when it comes to external circumstances, we also want to change ourselves. Following the motto "New Year, New Me", you've definitely made plans already on how you want to turn 2021 into your year.

If more exercise and, accordingly, also a bigger focus on your health are part of that New Me for you, then our Merchants have the perfect sales offers ready for you! From workout equipment, fitness providers to the right clothing and acessories, get yourself 2021-ready! Looking for new dumbbells, resistance bands, jogging pants, running shoes and similar things for your sporty start into the new year? Our Merchants are the place to go - plus you will also collect Cashback and Shopping Points.

Now, you just have to choose what you want to get and the journey to your New Me can begin. Visit our Merchants now, start shopping and get Cashback and Shopping Points too.

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