We build as #OneBayanihan

To our Loyalty Merchants, Members and Marketers,

This letter is late in coming, as we adjust to our new working environment and the need to move our team to a remote standing. However; now that we have everyone settled and are back to a somewhat normal business routine, it gives me the time to sit down and reach out and let you know how or what we are doing?

I am sure telling you how hard it is or will be, would be a waste of time. As consumers, owners and employees, we know and are aware of how truly difficult the coming times may be. So, I will not restate the obvious.

What I will do is give you some thoughts to ponder, some possible ideas or topics that you may discuss or contemplate as you weather this storm and wait for the pandemic to become just another bad moment in history.

As an entrepreneur for much of my professional life, it goes without saying that I have had to face times of severe economic depression, Canada in the early 90s, Japan in the late 90s early 00s. The lesson I have learnt; it is the time that you stop moving, stop thinking and stop acting that things become bad.

For those of you who are our Loyalty Merchants, please reach out and let us know how you are doing? Our freelance Marketers and Merchant Marketers, get in touch with the team at Cashback World and let us know what you are doing and how we can help?

Members of our shopping community do not be afraid to reach out. Our business is built on a partnership, our platform states very clearly, Partner Program, this is for anyone who has on-boarded the program in their shop or business, downloaded the app and gone shopping to get CashBack and Shopping Points, or started your own loyalty business as a freelance Lyconet Marketer.

We are stronger together as a shopping community, as a source of information and inspiration for resilience, a network of people who are looking for opportunities to keep moving forward.

Our Facebook Page is open for business, Messenger is manned and ready to receive your thoughts, questions and ideas. We have online merchants who are changing gears and offering products and service not normally listed in their pages. We are also working on Medical Health Products that can support your personal prevention strategy. These things and much more we will be bringing to you, so please keep in touch, stay safe and keep shopping!

James Edward Bradford
Managing Director
Cashback World Philippines

* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.