Filipino Breakfast that can cure Hangover

Hangovers are annoying effects of too much "walwal" (carefree) nights.

And even if the phrase "Ayoko nang uminom!" (I'll never drink again!) is mentally repeated too many times and already became like a motto, it will all be a loss during those times when friends says "Tara, inom!" (Come on. Let's drink!)

Well, if we cannot prevent it. Best to have prepare a cure for that pounding-head!

These are some of the certified Pinoy-hangover food and drinks!

1. Sinigang na baboy (Pork stew with tamarind)
Warm broths are recommended to chase that headache away .


2. Bulalo (Beef Marrow Stew)
One of the favorite Filipino hangover soup with its scrumptious beef and marrow incorporated in a hot soup will slowly invigorate and slowly sober up your senses!


3. Balut (Duck egg with Embryo)
Exotic as it may seem but Balut eggs, and all eggs in particular, have cysteine which is a substance that breaks down toxins in the liver which guarantees to be a remedy of hangover.


4. Lugaw, tokwa't baboy (Rice porridge with tofu and pork slices)
Lugaw is one of the typical Filipino breakfast food. It is warm, soft and easy to digest perfect to be an effective cure on these occasions.


5. Kape (Coffee)
Coffee never fails to amaze us even to cure our last night's wildness and it is also best partnered with Pandesal (Filipino bread roll).


6. Taho (Soy pudding with caramel syrup)
One of Filipino's staple starterpack to start off the day right. With its warmth and soft texture, makes it a perfect snack to awaken your drunken senses!


7. Champorado (Sweet chocolate rice porridge)
Just like Lugaw, this is one of Filipinos favorite breakfast top with warm milk, milk powder or partnered with Tuyo (Dried Fish).


So before joining the fun, best be equipped with necessary information to avoid those irritating aftermaths!

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