Get the Cashback Helper now!

The Cashback Helper is a smart desktop browser plug-in for online shoppers. This practical tool will make sure that you never miss out on Cashback or other shopping benefits again.

The "Cashback Helper" plug-in for Firefox, Chrome and Safari makes enjoying your shopping benefits such as Cashback and Shopping Points super simple.

If you have installed and activated the Cashback Helper, you will be informed via Google Search as to whether the company you have searched for is a Cashback World Partner or not. An information page will display how many Cashback & Shopping Points you can collect or whether you can benefit from one of the selected company's deals. Having selected the desired online Partner, you need only click on "Activate Cashback" in order to reap the purchase benefits of the Cashback World. You do not need to log in to www.cashbackworld.com beforehand - it is enough to simply log into the Cashback Helper directly with your log in details.

Our Cashback Helper has a clear and simple design - information can be found quickly and easily - for example, top Partners and new Partners' advertisements, as well as current deals. Would you like to search for a special online or offline Partner?

Click on the magnifying glass symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Cashback Helper and shop you are searching for can be easily found.

* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.