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A leading multi-currency cross border payment solution, trusted by more than 70.000 businesses across 24+ European countries, myPOS provides affordable, innovative, smart payment solutions which helps all entrepreneurs save time, money and run their businesses more efficiently.

With myPOS you can accept cards, contactless and online payments anywhere and anytime. No monthly fees, no hidden costs and immediate settlement of transactions so you can access your funds immediately. 

1. Order your myPOS terminal from our website or contact us. 
2. Pay via credit / debit card or wire transfer and enjoy cashback.
3. We ship your order via courier service free of charge (within EEA). 
4. Sign up for your free myPOS account 
5. Activate your myPOS terminal and start accepting card payments.


  • myPOS wireless and portable terminals (Wi-Fi / SIM / Bluetooth) with or without printer
  • Accept payments with all credit, debit or prepaid cards of VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Union Pay, American Express and Bancontact with Chip & PIN, magstripe or contactless (NFC). Anywhere, anytime !!!
  • Compatible with Apple pay and Android pay
  • Immediate settlement of transactions. Your money from card transactions are available in 10 seconds in your myPOS account
  • Free and without maintenance fee myPOS account in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY and more currencies, with e-banking, mobile banking and unique personal IBAN's in myPOS Europe (SWIFT / BIC: MPOSGB2L)
  • Free and without monthly or annual fees myPOS business VISA debit card to withdraw your money from more than 1 million ATM’s worldwide
  • Free and without monthly or annual fees myPOS SIM data card with unlimited data so your myPOS terminal is always connected and never miss a transaction (myPOS SIM card works only with myPOS terminals)
  • Competitive tariff % per transaction
  • Free and without monthly or annual fees myPOS Online. Accept card payments from your website or mobile app with immediate settlement of transactions
  • Free myPOS mobile app (available for iOS and Android). Access your myPOS account and make transactions on the go using payment request and more features
  • Mail Order / Telephone Order (MO/TO) & Pre-authorization
  • SEPA / SWIFT bank transfers
  • Multi-currency (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY and more currencies)
  • Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)
  • Payment request
  • Custom receipts
  • Cash register mode and 3rd party apps (available only in myPOS Smart)
  • Multi-operator mode
  • Tipping
  • Mobile Top-Up, earn additional income. 771 carriers supported from 141 countries
  • Private label gift cards
  • No setup, monthly or annual fees
  • No minimum revenue required
  • No hidden costs
  • No restrictions or commitments
  • No complicated installations or additional software needed
  • As secure as traditional EFT/POS terminals with full Chip & PIN fraud protection. myPOS meets the highest EMV & PCI-DSS security standards
  • For every type of business: Hotels & Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Retail & Specialty Stores, Leisure & Recreation, Taxi & Transportation, Professional services & Home sharing platforms (Air BNB, Booking.com, Homeaway etc)
  • 30 day money back guarantee for all myPOS terminals
  • No rental contract
  • 1 year warranty for all myPOS terminals
  • Free 24/7 e-mail, chat & phone support
  • Free shipping to all EEA countries

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