Tips for Online Shopping via Cashback World!

1.      Please read the Terms & Conditions of the store from which you are about to shop.

2.      Uninstall or refrain from using Ad-blockers in your browser as this will lead to a missing sale for which cashback will not be payable.

3.      Delete/close all tabs on your browser before shopping from Cashback World, this includes all social media websites (Facebook, twitter) and search engines (Google).

4.      Please check your browser settings and accept all cookies. Blocking of cookies will lead to missing sales with no cashback.

5.      When shopping via the Cashback App please delete/close all tabs on your phone’s browser before shopping.

6.      Close all Apps running in the background before using the Cashback App.

7.      Many stores have exceptions where cashback is not applicable on certain products, please read the exceptions in the Terms & Conditions before shopping.

8.      Any form of Bulk buying of a specific product is strictly prohibited.

9.      There will be no pay-out if the Order is cancelled or returned for exchange.

10. It takes up to 72 Hours for a transaction to track and show up under My Purchases in your account, so a missing cashback claim should be raised after 72 hours from the date of the transaction.

11. The Validation period of a sale is 45 days so your cashback will get confirmed once this period is over however travel bookings can take up to 180 days.


* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All here too information on this website is therefore without guarantee.