Get double Cashback during Cashb(l)ack Week

The Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA traditionally opens the Christmas shopping season with the Black Friday. But here in the Cashback World we go one step further. Apart from great offers you also receive double Cashback* on every purchase at one of our Online Partners during our Cashb(l)ack Week from November 29th till December 6th 2019.

To help you to easier navigate all the offers coming at you, here are a few tips for categories which traditionally present very good offers.

Electronics & Software: If you are looking for a new TV or stereo system, then now is a good time to get the equipment you wish for. And you should also be able to find a new PC or Laptop with the fitting operating system and office package for a very good price. Just check out one of our Online Partners in this category and get your cheap technical upgrade with double Cashback.

Gaming & Toys: Are you a passionate gamer or do your kids want some new toys? Now you have the chance to grant wishes and not just save money doing that, but to also collect double Cashback. Whether you are looking for a new Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch or you need a marble run, a Lego set or a Hot Wheels track, our Online Partners have everything you need when it comes to gaming or toys. Thanks to the Cashb(l)ack Week you will get your desired products at a great discount.

Telephones & Internet: Should now be the time to upgrade your smartphone, then chances are good that you can get your desired phone at a very cheap price. This also applies to the corresponding accessories, which means you can kill two birds with one stone. What makes this even better, is that you also get double Cashback for acquiring your new mobile companion.

These are our tips, but during Cashb(l)ack Week you will find numerous other offers from different categories. We wish you lots of fun while shopping and while collecting double Cashback.

* double Cashback not available on myWorld.com

* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All here too information on this website is therefore without guarantee.