Fun and creative ways to celebrate Easter

We are soon approaching Easter, a festival that symbolises renewal and hope. However, the feeling of celebration is different this time as we all are in a lockdown situation away from loved ones. Its hard to uplift our spirits and look forward to the long weekend.

Nonetheless, we should not be disheartened. Covid-19 cannot break our festive spirit and stop us from celebrating Easters. There are a lot of quirky, creative and fun things we can do at home. Now if we have got you wandering about things one can do to make Easter fun this year then you must continue reading ...

Fun and creative ways to celebrate Easter

1. Decorate your eggs and create your own basket
2. Cook delicious Easter meals
3. Listen to your favourite Easter songs
4. Some board-games to keep you entertained
5. Easter egg hunt – indoors!
6. Virtual get together with loved ones
7. Movie and some delicious popcorn?

We hope these ideas help in creating a fun Easter for you. Please do remember you are not alone we are in this together and together we will come out of it stronger! #Togetherwearestrong and together we will #flattenthecurve.

Happy Easter Cashbackers.

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