Back to school - year after year

Every year, around this time, parents, pupils and students start preparing to go back to school or university.

No matter whether you are packing your child off to school for the first time or the little one is simply continuing on its academic adventure or whether you yourself are getting ready for the new uni term or are going back to work in the educational sector after the holidays - there is much to prepare! Lengthy shopping expeditions get underway and we kit ourselves out in with new gear to make sure we are ready to hit the ground running on day one of school, uni or work.

It's not only pens, books and school bags which are needed, but also new clothing, schoes, sports kit, laptops, tablets and maybe even a new smartphone. Get everything you need from our partners to ensure that you make this the best start to the academic year yet - we have picked four of the most important categories for you to peruse

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