Summer Vacation on a Budget with Cashback World!

Are you planning a summer vacation? If so, Cashback World’s team has put together this guide to help you budget your getaway. Get ready to save a lot thanks to our Loyalty Merchants all around the globe!

Flights, flight insurance, hotel reservations and car rentals can end up being very expensive! CheapOair.ca is an Online Travel Agency that provides customers with competitively priced airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars. They also offer incredible benefits on all of the above!
You could get the following benefits if you book your trip with CheapOair.ca through our Cashback World Program :

Flight Purchase
Cashback : 5.2 CAD
Shopping Points : 0.53 SP

Hotel Reservation
Cashback : 7.5 CAD
Shopping Points : 2.5 SP

Flight Insurance
Cashback : 3.25 CAD
Shopping Points : 0.33 SP

Car Rental
Cashback : 3.25 CAD
Shopping Points : 0.33 SP

Once you have decided on the destination, you’ll need to plan the multiple details of your trip. For over 35 years, Lonely Planet has been the leader in travel guide book publishing, renowned for its first-hand approach and commitment to providing the best information for travellers. In addition, they offer our members 7% Cashback + 5 Shopping Points per 150 CAD Purchase. We suggest you purchase both a Guide book and a Language Guide! You could get the following benefits if you order your Travel Guides at Lonely Planet through our Cashback World Program :

Guide Book Price : 34 CAD
Cashback : 2.38 CAD
Shopping Points : 1.13 SP

Language Guide Price : 13 CAD
Cashback : 0.91 CAD
Shopping Points : 0.45 SP

Being an international Shopping Community definitely has its perks! While on vacation, there are many occasions for you to cumulate Cashback and Shopping Points thanks to our Loyalty Merchants! Whether you are looking for restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment or for something completely different, our international community has what you need! Thanks to our specially designed Cashback App, you can easily locate all the Loyalty Merchants close to your location. It now easier than ever to make smart choices when you are travelling. The possibilities are endless so here are some of the benefits you could get thanks to our various Loyalty Merchants across the globe :

Restaurants Total Purchases : 300 CAD
Cashback : 12 CAD
Shopping Points : 8 SP
Coffee Shop Total Purchases : 30 CAD
Cashback : 1.20 CAD
Shopping Points : 0.8 SP

Entertainment : 150 CAD
Cashback : 6 CAD
Shopping Points : 4 SP

NOTE: Every Loyalty Merchant is free to decide the amount of benefits its business gives back to members. The estimations used in this news entry are based on estimates. In real life, benefits could be higher or lower depending on Loyalty Merchants visited.


Cashback : 41.69 CAD

Shopping Points : 18.07 SP

Here are just a few examples of how your Shopping Points could be used in different locations around the globe! Needless to say, that with more than 18 Shopping Points in your pocket, you will get your fair share of free treats!

In the United States, you could get a free Pizza for 2 SP In Italy, you could get Free Gelato for 1SP
In France, you could get a Free box of macaroons for 2.5 SP In Spain, you could get a free Paella for 3 SP

NOTE : Prices suggested in this news entry is for demonstration purposes only. Estimations and benefits are subject to change. Cashback World can’t guarantee the accuracy of the calculations.

* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.