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Purchase eGift Cards with your Cashback on cashbackworld.com.

Have you started shopping with your Cashback? Many Cashback World customers are taking the opportunity to purchase their myWorld eGift Cards using their accrued Cashback. The benefits are simple! The moment you collect your first penny from everyday purchases on Cashback World, you can apply your Cashback to your eGift Card purchases.

Shop for millions of products
Shopping with Cashback opens up a world of opportunities. Choose from a big selection of eGift Cards from popular brands, or purchase myWorld eGift Cards. The myWorld eGift Card on the Cashback World website and App, offers you hassle-free shopping on cashbackworld.com where millions of products are offered at discount prices.

Collect more Cashback
Don't forget! When you purchase an eGift Card or a product from cashbackworld.com, you will collect Cashback which you can then apply to your next purchase. That's right! With every purchase, you save money on your next purchase. Don't hesitate, use the eVoucher tool to purchase your eGift Cards using your Cashback.

How it works:

Shop on Cashback World

Shop on Cashback World
On every Cashback World purchase, you'll receive Cashback and Shopping Points.

Collect your Cashback

Collect your Cashback
Up until now, your Cashback was transferred to your bank account when you collected a minimum of $10. Now, you can decide whether to transfer your Cashback, or use your Cashback to purchase eGift Cards instead. Choose your preference by going to the 'Payment Details' tab in 'My Settings'.

Buy an eGift Card

Buy an eGift Card & pay with Cashback
If you choose not to use your collected Cashback to purchase eGift Cards, no problem! You still have the option to use your Cashback to purchase eGift Cards whenever you wish.


Buy eGift Cards

* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.