It’s the season to create Spring offers with SUPER Cashback Deals!

The Easter season provides you with an opportunity to surprise your customers with an Easter gift to thank them for their loyalty. Discounts, special offers or promo codes are always welcomed by customers. These little gestures strengthen your customer loyalty and create lasting relationships With the help of a spontaneous last-minute Easter theme email, you can increase turnover quite easily. In the sales sector, a bank holiday newsletter is a must:

• Restaurants: Create a newsletter for those last-minute customers who have not chosen the venue for their Easter brunch. Do you have a special Easter menu or Easter promotion? Let your newsletters subscribers know about it.
• Hotels:
Last minute Easter weekend getaways happen all the time. Create a special weekend rate to attract your customers to book a room or two with you!
• Travel operators: Suggest unique travel destinations where customers might want to spend the long Easter weekend, or offer special travel coupons as a gift. • Confectioners: Easter is a time for hiding Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Promote all your best Easter gift offers in a newsletter.
• Toys: Like all national holidays, Easter is a perfect time for toy suppliers to introduce new and/or themed toys especially for Easter. Everyone loves a cuddly toy bunny!

Use our pre-prepared newsletter templates in UTERM to customize and design appealing newsletter layouts for Easter and Spring offers.

Easter is Spring's wake-up call. Make sure to mention the changing season in your Easter campaigns. For example, shoe and fashion online merchants can present their new Spring shoe collection with recommendations for matching Spring outfits.

• Cosmeticians: Introduce new colour and shade trends for Spring.
• Flowers: The first ray of sun encourages customers to rush out and buy fresh flowers for their homes and gardens. Florists, flower delivery services, nurseries, etc. can leverage this shopping season to introduce new products and offers.
• Household products: Many customers decide to stock up on new household products for their yearly Spring cleaning.
• Furniture dealers: Use a Spring / Easter newsletter to show your customers how they can invigorate their homes and decorate them with new and fresh furniture for Spring.

Design an attractive and colourful Spring newsletter easily in UTERM.

Attract even more customers with the SUPER Cashback feature and promote the right gifts, discounts and deals for Spring and Easter.

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